I know I rent here and in a way I’m sorry but I don’t never another outlet for these feeling s.

Just added am app to my phone that will make this easier.

Anyway he its such a passive aggressive bitch it drives me crazy. Like he didn’t eat tonight because I wanted him to because he was drunk.

Or that when he said he didn’t think us having sex when Sonny was awake was good for him. I agreed. He told me to get put of the room and that tomorrow we were going to break up.

I was like what the hell. Of course it could have been when I said I just didn’t argue about it because 95% of threw time it want worth it.

Idk, I do know I need to get out of here for both mine and mt sons sake.  I also know I can’t live with my mom.

He has been saying lately that we need to break up. I just hope I have a place to go soon.


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