Ta da, duh, um, yeah

I’m starting tip feel a little better due to more meds & a higher fluid intake.

Just in time too because asshole said that if I didn’t go to emergency tomorrow he was going to stab me. It was in regular conversation tone, sport of like he was asking if I wanted anything from the store.

It was slightly before that, that I had started praying intensely. I pray a lot these days. I pray for protection, for peace, happiness…for asshole to not ever be able to hurt anyone in any way again. Health for the family, you know the little things.

I do have to say that it seems helpful. Most nights if I start early enough things settle right down and he goes to sleep.

Tonight I also prayed for patience and the ability to keep my mouth shut. He was just being such an idiot. Like there were some blankets on the ground he was stepping on and I moved then. He said thank you. I must have looked at him like are you fucking kidding?

He asked what the look was for and as I was walking in the other room to do something I told him, because sometimes I wonder why you don’t do some of this stuff yourself. Neither of us said anything in reply to that. I’m not sure how he took it.

I said something earlier that kinda scarred me as well. We drove by a car wash place I used a month our two ago & he said that’s the car wash.

This surprised asshole (and me, a little), because its not a place we go by a lot. So asshole made the comment he’s incredible he remembers everything. I said poor kid, all the f’d up stuff he’s heard.

He didn’t say anything to that either.
At least not until later. Sonny said something else and he said we can’t fight our anything in front of him anymore. I said no we can’t, I’ve thought that for a while.

I guess that’s about it for now


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