when you dream a little dream

I want to pour my heart out. I want to tell someone about everything i’m thinking and I can’t. For some reason I always want to tell the person I’m interested in everything. I want to reach out to that person (guy), have them wrap their arms around me and tell me everything is going to be ok.

The guy I should be reaching out to is about as comforting as hugging a cactus. The one I currently feel like reaching out to almost as emotionally available as one. And while he is much better at hugging, I’m not ever sure if he’d be interested in hugging me. At least not if he knew everything.

Mother’s Day sucked, sorta. I feel like I’m whining, which of course I am, and being negative, but fuck, I use this to get things out. Things that maybe don’t need to be told to the people around me, those who know me. I’m a talker, if I kept things in I’d probably be dead.

Anyway the good, had a great dinner with my sister, + 1 & my nephew, my bf and son.

on the bad side, I had to wake up early with my son while my bf slept in. I also had to make breakfast while he slept. I had to drive him around aimlessly because he was bored. Once we got to my mom’s where this wonderful dinner took place, she was exhausted and asleep.

So, I had to finish doing dinner, which I didn’t mind and was going to do anyway. but she was asleep almost the whole time.

then it was an ok evening after that, except that I had an almost veiled threat about cleaning the house. And my son is sick. I’d like to play it off, but he really isn’t feeling well.


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