so pissed

I can’t believe this selfish ass did this. I go pick him up from “his fun” to take him to a dr appointment. I can’t find a parking spot so I end up waiting around, either parking or driving for an hour. I finally get a spot shortly after he gets out of his appt. He seems to be in an ok mood we all go get in the car.

His buddy who is waitng for him says go get a couple beers, so we go to get them, I have to pay. I thought the guy put them in a double bag, but he didn’t, so I offered to go get one. Asshole was like no just get in the car, I don’t want to waist any more time. I almost blew my fucking lid.

Waste more time? Really? I just wasted an hour driving around with our 4 yr old sun in a hot car. Really waste more of YOUR time? I almost went out of my mind. but I kept it together and just did barely a shake of my head with a slack jaw. He asked what?

“I was just thinking at least you were doing something productive, I was driving around in circles for an hour.”

He took it surprivingly well. I made a point a short time later of saying poor Sonny, he must be soaked, I know my legs are. He was some point when he thought putting his arm around my shoulder was a good idea. I let him leave it there a moment then nicely asked him to move it because it was really hot.

Then I said as little as possible on the 10 minute ride back to his spot. Once I dropped him off I took off as quickly as possible.

I’m so fucking livid.

I know you guys don’t really want to know everything, but I need a spot to post this stuff. I need to have a way to keep track of it all.


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