um well fuck, what a day

As much as I don’t really want to think about this, I’m going to.

Today has sucked. it kinda started out pretty much ok, then things took a turn for the worse.

I guess i’d have to start with walking into the apartment and finding a garden snake in my kitchen. Yeah. So I try to corral it, because there is no way I’m picking the thing up. It tries to get away into the front room. Oh hell no!. I push it back in the kitchen. then it slithers under the oven. I’m all oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.
Totally freaking out. I didn’t want it to sneak out the side and under the fridge or into the closet, so I move the fridge, then turn on the oven. you know thinking it would either get hot and come out, or get hot and cook. Either way I was ready.

After about a half hour of the oven on 400 I call a appliance repairman and ask him how hot it gets under an oven. Maybe you knew this already, but not that hot 😦
So I’d basically made a nice warm/hot spot for the guy to hang out. I’m paranoid to even leave the room. I’m cleaning up some of the clutter so if he moves I’ll see him. I called a few other people none of them were much help. At least not as far as getting the thing. It was nice to have people to talk to though.

When I talked to my mom I was at my breaking point. Sonny was asleep and I’d been standing guard for almost 2 hours. No really I was keeping track of time on the clock, not just my frantic imagination. lol
So after breaking down while talking to her I drink a beer, eat some chocolate and try a different approach. Instead of trying to take care of tSohis myself I was going to call a male. First one I called. no luck
The second one though came through. πŸ™‚
He was literally there less than 5 mins.

It was so easy I wished it could have happened hours before (we were at about 3 hours once he showed up).

Where was Asshole during all this? I’d just dropped him off to go fishing and drink a 12 pack. His phone is disconnected, so I couldn’t call him. Not that I would have wanted to anyway. I knew he would find some may to make this my fault. like the snake just happened to get into our 2nd story indoor hallway apartment by it’s own means. No this sucker came in with that ass hole. He left stuff on the wild man’s back porch for 2 or 3 days then brought it home. That mo fo climbed out of something he brought in.

but just as I expected, it was my fault because things were messy. We didn’t know we had a snake in the house that was probably hiding under the couch or in the damn backpack, because of the mess.
At that point I really just wanted to fucking lose it. I mean really? Seriously? This is my fault?

So a few hours go by and I relax a little, run some of the errands that I needed to do, eat dinner. At aobut 10:30pm He finally comes home. He was so drunk that he was stumbling all over the place. He was drinking hard alcohol at some point. He was at that place where he wasn’t making since anymore. so I figured out how to feed him without him going nuts and thought I’d gotten him to bed. (Although, not before he splashed a half cup-ish, of gravy all over the floor.)
Then he keeps calling me in. I though I’d get away with it because of everything, but I didn’t. No I had to have sex with that fucker for like 40 mins. I was so pissed! That was the last thing I wanted to do.

So anyway got that over with, but not without almost strangling him. Right now he is passed out on the end of the bed. I’m not sleeping in there tonight. I can use any of the legitimate excuses, I thought he’d wet the bed again, he was across the bottom so I wouldn’t fit…but really I wouldn’t be able to sleep in there tonight. I’m not even sure If I’m going to have Sonny sleep in there. But I don’t know where else for him to go besides his bed right now. He’s so big he doesn’t fit on the little couch anymore. Well he can but he can’t stretch out, so he doesn’t like it.

It’s almost 3am right now. I should be working on finishing up the book. But I haven’t been able to get much more than a few sentences in the last day and a half. July has been a really bad month for me.


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