I’m seriously disturbed st the moment. My son said earlier that the cops would come and then he wouldn’t have a mommy our a daddy any more.

As I internally freaked out I throws to comfort him and let him know we would always be there. Then I asked.who told him that. He said his dad.

Now I want to kill that bastard, as if I didn’t before. How could you tell a 4 yr old that?

So then we drive the rest of the way to where we were going. When I got him out I have him a big hug told him no one would ever take him from me.

During the trip I told him that three cops would never kill me because I was a good person, & cops only killed bad people. Pig my fucking god!!!
seriously how could anyone day that to a child. I’d call him on it, but I don’t want to get Sonny in trouble if I ever have to leave them alone. Which I only do when I have tho for exactly these reasons.


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