I’m moving

The opportunity is going to come up for me to move out. My plan is coming to be. We are probably going top be moving to asshole’s grandparents house when our lease is up. This is good because noter if I leave it won’t be high & dry. He will be able to afford it there even without me. And even if he has to move out for some reason he won’t have a lease hanging over his head.

I found out about his grandma’s about a week ago. It’s still up in the air a bit though. There is a brother that needs to be felt with first. But this guy had totally dropped the ball on the house. You see we’d be taking care of it.

The other good news is that my apartment is going to be coming up in the next few months. It’s 30% of my income. All I need is to get the first and deposit. So that would be about 200 for rent & I’m thinking maybe 500 for the deposit. I can figure out a way to get that.

All I have tho do is say what it’s for & I knows I’ll be able to find people to help.

Tonight I got yelled at for moving asshole’s glass. I was busy making dinner, he was busy drinking. He made this huge deal out off it. I’m like comer on do dude, it was a glass, just rinse one out.

He starts with I’m three only one moving to my grandma’s crap and I’m like I don’t care. Move. He starts saying it’s all these little things. I was thinking well with you it’s a bunch of big ones.

Later he pushes Sonny’s head into the hard part of the couch, it might have been an accident, maybe. But it wasn’t too bad.
Not long afterwards he throws a plastic bottle at his face. That set poor sonny off. He just started crying and got really upset. Asshole said he didn’t mean to throw it at him, I said you didn’t mean to hurt him.

Sonny started with the I don’t like you stuff and that really pissed him off. But I kept them calm.

Ass asked him if he should go trip his brothers and he said yes. So we took him. When we got back I asked sonny if he was glad daddy was gone. He said yes. I asked if he would mind if we lived somewhere without daddy. He said yes, then daddy could visit us at of our house and he’ll be nice to me.

I said that we couldn’t talk about it with daddy because it would make him made at us but that I would try to make it happenI forgot about the part right before we left when asshole said if you don’t like me then I can hit you. I still don’t know which of us he was talking about.


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