so it was a fun night. a four 32’s kind of night. Who knows how it may have acutally gone if fate hadn’t gotten in the way. I always assume the worst when it come s to asshole and drinking. Of course I’m usually right. self for filling prophecy or just a lot of experience, I’m not sure. But I’d bet on experience.

So tonight was another skunk rant. He acted like Sonny being with him and almost getting sprayed was a good reason to go off this time. It wasn’t, not the way he did. Threatening to bash his head in with a bat. To drag him out of his apartment and beat him up. Leaving a threatening letter on his car. All said in front of Sonny. I asked him to stop, I told him to stop. it only seems to make him madder.

I may have gotten something good tonight though. I hot another recording. I was supposed to get two, but for some reason one either didn’t record or got erased. In one he was drunkenly ranting about kicking his ass. (the he I’ve been writing about is a guy who feeds the cats and inadvertantly racoons and the more annoying skunks.)

In another he was talking shit to me a little bit, and maybe saying something about the guy, but what was great is that he starting talking shit to sonny, saying he would punch him because of something he said. maybe about being mean, maybe something else.

I’m really really praying that is the one I have. Let him try to take this kid after getting that. Having a threatening conversation with a four year old little boy saying he would punch him in the head. and Sonny saying something back and then him saying it again. That is when I intervene. I say grow up, he’s only four. would you please just be nice.

That pretty much ended it. Asshole made some small attempt to make a pass at me. thankfully nothing happened. I can’t stand touching that bastard.

I have to say that not everything is bad. but so much of it is that It’s so very not worth it.There is more to say. There is almost always more to say, just not the time or energy to say it.


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