another four 32 night

I hate when he drinks too much. I hate him always. Every time he drinks like this he gets all upset and upsets the rest of us. Tonight it was about his work. how they screw people over.

then he said to Sonny "if mommy gets all crazy we’ll kill her"

but that’s ok though. its all ok because I got the recording. I got the one I wanted. I got the one with him threatening Sonny. I’m so out of here. I’m so gone as soon as I get the chance.

I’m so glad he’s finally out. Of course I have to get Sonny away from him. right now they are asleep with Asshole’s arm over him. I just want him out of our lives. I want him gone and away from us.

I want to be safe. I don’t care if none of the guys I’ve tried to talk to understand. I hope they don’t. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.


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