Bad night

Not sure where to begin. What do I want to remember

He lied to his friend DT about what we got to the fight about. He said it was about his work, I don’t even remember what it was about at this point. Not work maybe the people who egged us maybe the dinner.

I made this mexican thing for dinner it’s one of his faves and I messed it up because I put something different in it. I thought out made out better he didn’t agree.

He yelled & he tried to throw it away and when I said don’t he took 35$ and tore it up into little pieces.

Things were ok for a while. Then he did what he normally does and started going off about something. I think the people who egged us. Said he would hurt them. I said stop out and of of course out evaluated.

Then things died down. He said something about wasn’t I going to make burritos. I said if make him one but I didn’t feel like eating because I was upset.

He freaked out. he threw the 3 pans of stuff away. Got a picture of beans all over the floor. We sat at one point and I just couldn’t take what he was dating anymore so I got up and walked into the other room. He got pissed again & followed me. He hit out slapped me on the back our some thing then he decided to punch me in the ribs. I gotta get a picture it’s already bruised.

Thank god don’t wasn’t in there. Then for the next hour or two he went off about how he was moving without me and how he was taking the baby from me and that I was an unfit mother and the he started with how he was going tho kill my family. He said his grandma was going to pay for him to get the baby. That he want going to leave me alone. That if I tried to run he was going to hurt my family.

I almost got it all on recorder but it pulled done shit and didn’t tape it or stored and didn’t save. I don’t know why. But I got to figure out out. I can’t miss anymore of this stuff.

after a while he decided he wanted to fuck so I had top go do that that.

St another pliny sonny


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