I think I’m moving

He hit me again tonight.

in my left ribs and just above my right temple. I instantly had a bump, and I’ve already got a slight bruise on my ribs. I’ll keep track like I did the other. It basically started by my saying don’t even pretend I’m happy about this as I was going in to have sex with him.

I know I should have kept my mouth shut, it just flew out. He was of course trying to have sex with my and my other rib hurt, also Sonny didn’t want me to leave him in the front room alone.

same threats as always, adding I’m replace you with someone who will always have sex and and went from there. I got out of the room then he came out and went after me. then he took Sonny in there with him. he didn’t want to go. he was afraid.

He was also being mean to him, but not in there (i don’t think) then he let him come out and I think he sorta tried to have sex again. but it didn’t happen. it’s all a little blurry already.

but this is too much he said he hated me and kinda hated him and he wanted me gone. sometimes he wants sonny gone, sometimes he doesn’t.

I’m scared. I’m very scared. almost scared enough to take off right now with sonny. but I want him to think everything is ok. I’m just hoping that is the right thing to do. I’m hoping he’s bluffing. I even tried to beg. I think he really does just want me gone.


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