Got more pics

got some great pictures of bruises on my side today. c sec first he did the the right side still hurts way more than the left side. although I have to say I think it’s darker bruise.

the promised bruise on my head hasn’t shown up which I guess is a good thing. I’m so tired just completely exhausted and I don’t know how much more how much longer I can do this.

last night could have been bad but actually wasn’t. we drove about an hour and a half away to see his family in the hospital. then he went back up to do construction stuff at the house. he was hanging out with 1 of his friends because him and his brother had another falling out. he came home really drunk about 1230 but pretty much left me alone.

is brother went to see his girlfriend who is exactly like asshole just a female. it’s so ironic to hear him talk about her so funny to me but no 1 else really gets it. anyway his brother is been gone for about 3 days now.

1 bully to the next just like me. putting messin by voice so if it doesn’t make much sense that’s why just try to read between the lines.

there is so much I need to do so much it needs to be done all I want to do is sleep. I’m in 1 of those I don’t give a s*** moods. but I know it’s going to bite me in the ass so I’m about to have some coffee.

I need to check my klout score I finally hooked up my facebook to my Twitter together good things are about to happen I have a pretty good feeling about it.

I should hook this up to it too but to be honest I don’t think anybody reeds this thing. even if you did I wouldn’t know because I haven’t actually checked my really count from there in so long footprints you know, footprints.

it helps me though and while that is the only thing that matters right now it’s the only thing that matters to me. in keeping track of everything that’s gone on keeping a record something so I’ll remember. something so that if anything happens to me the world would be able to now have monster he really is.


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