putting it off

I haven’t wanted to write because I haven’t wanted to think about what’s been going on.

Asshole has gone from being a total bastard to being nice to being mean to Sonny and then back to being mean to both of us. A few days ago he slapped him because he was crying because he wasn’t getting his way.

then he threatened him the next two days after that. Those I didn’t get on recording. at least I don’t think. I gotta make sure all those are uploaded somewhere and listen to them. Just to see what I have.

Anyway then tonight Asshole was asking him questions the annoying way he does, they always start with who. who is your daddy?, who is my son? who loves you?..(.who wants to get their pussy licked? that one is always for me, it usually makes me want to scream) The last one was the one that got us into trouble tonight. Because Sonny thought for a second and then pointed to me. And when Ass started getting upset about it he ran over to me. Then he made the poor little guy keep running back and forth between us. much like he’d made me keep going to him to pick up plates as he was eating. yeah get the fuck up and do it yourself you drunk peice of shit.

Somewhere about half way through that part I started recording. I got another good one. it was him saying all the stuff he always says, I’m taking him, your family is shit, I’m going to make you drive me up to my grandma’s to get the money. bla bla bla.

of course that part started partially because he was trying to get me to suck his dick in front of Sonny. He didn’t exactly say that, first he asked me to take his shoes and socks off. rub his feet, then take his pants off. Well he stayed sitting so I couldn’t, but he did unzip them. Then he said grab that. I was on the floor, Sonny was on the small couch and Ass was on the big one at a right angle to the small one.

all of this I got on recording, at least I think I did. Then he reverted back to being nice. it was so strange. but that is how he does things. I hate him so much, I really do.

Then we almost broke up in the car while I was taking him to work on Tuesday morning. He was being a total ass for some reason I can’t remember. Somehow, I said what you think is important I don’t do, what I think is important you don’t do, doesn’t make either of us bad people, just makes us different. It went on till he was threatening me with all the same shit.

Afterwords Sonny asked me why daddy didn’t want me living in the house and why he wanted me to go live with mimi (his grandma, my mom). I explained that daddy didn’t really want that to happen that he just being mean. I’ve been having to say stuff like that a lot lately. I feel bad, I don’t mean to talk bad about his dad (asshole), but I want to make sure that he knows that the way he is acting isn’t right and that he is being mean.

I’ve got to get out of here. I need to get those apartments really bad.

ok well I guess that’s it.


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