New House – Old Hell

Sorry for the lack of updates, Been packing and moving the last week so I’ve been super busy. Plus we’ve been sleeping in the new house, which is only half done. The front room is finished, the bedroom was hardly usable until day before yesterday (3 days after we had started sleeping in it), and the kitchen is still hardly usable. Yet I’ve been expected to cook in it for the last 3 or 4 days.

It’s all quite frustrating.

Asshole has been strange. At first he was relatively happy. Then the same old crap started happening. Today is Friday, and while he hadn’t been on his best behaviour aka drinking a lot, sleeping on the floor and peeing it, making me have sex with him etc, it wasn’t till Wednesday that he really lost it. I don’t know what he did or drank, I was at the apartment packing most of the day with Sonny, but when I got here he was obviously drunk. And he’d made me get him another two beers. Maybe he had found a bottle of something in the house, when I talked to the guy he had been with all day he said he hadn’t seen him drink or have anything. So, anyway after being only mildly annoying and demanding he sits down after eating and says ‘america doesn’t report to america what america is doing." yeah for real?

I was like yeah ok? I wasn’t sure what he meant, and I don’t know if he expected me to be outraged or shocked, of course me being me I wasn’t either. Then he said he had to kill me. He chased me drunkenly around the house and got me in three headlocks. well sorta got me in them, since this wasn’t my first bar-b-q I kinda knew how to avoid the worst of it and squirm out. plus of course he was really drunk. In the mists of it all I was pushing him away. and it worked. Sonny was outside and I ran out there so it would be easier for me to grab him and run if the opportunity came up. Little sonny sitting outside playing with my phone sitting by the bar-b-q,( yeah we really did.)

I say leave me alone, he tried to charge me a few times in the backyard, but I kept away from him and pushed him off. I just didn’t have quite enough room to get son Iny and get away. He seemed almost oblivious like it was just a game. Then Ass tried to get me in the house. Of course I didn’t go back in, not for a while. He tried to say I was the one who would look crazy on video. yeah whatever. I don’t say it, but in my panic I’m thinking does he really think the cops would side with him? with his past? with all my recordings?

So eventually he calmed down and while still a little off he wasn’t crazy anymore. I was talking to my best bestie via text during this time. I almost wanted to call the cops. I don’t call the cops, hell I don’t even like to report car accidents that aren’t my fault, no need to involve "the man’ But this is crazy. I was both scared and elated, I’d finally fought back and it had worked. I could push him around. At least when he was super drunk and that is normally when he is at his worst. When he has his wits about him it’s a little different
but of course that’s when I can usually avoid violence. it’s when he gets sooo nonsensical, that it gets scary.

I have more, but it will have to be a different post, I have too many things to do, starting with getting us dressed and getting Asshole his lunch


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