what was almost…

yesterday and this morning almost made me think it could be a good day. Tonight was not so good. He made me fuck him again. He made me suck his dick. I didn’t want to, but memories and bruises of the last time I refused him are still visit in my mind and on my body. 

Thankfully Sonny was asleep again. I also had a couple shots of vodka before having to do it. That sorta took the edge off. 


I’m closer than ever to getting away. Sonny keeps getting afraid of Asshole. I’m hoping this fact will make out transition easier on him. I feel bad moving him again so soon after moving him here. but it is for the better as everyone knows. Soon so soon, I just have to be careful for a little while longer. So very careful so I don’t get caught up. Maybe another month or two. I don’t even have to come up with the security deposit all at once. 


I starting drinking his beer too. he will never remember. All I gotta do is make sure to put it where he would have, more or less. I pray for tomorrow to be a good day. I pray that he is helpful and not an asshole. but that is what he is. I hope my life is better soon. 


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