not so bad, not so good

So last night, Thursday, was more or less back to normal. He started out annoyed because of some bad news regarding the old place and our deposit. So he came home in a tired of getting stepped on (his words not mine) frame of mind. Not good, not good at all. He started out with yelling at me for not having the money to buy something good for dinner. Then I left him alone for as long as he would let me (per his request), which was about 10 mins. Then he gave me some money to get him cigs and some stuff to go with dinner.

Things kept on a roller coaster for the rest of the night. Outbursts and minor losses of temper, then calmer. Examples were the bills. He checked the mail and noticed we had a turn off notice for the water. That got us talking about the other bills, which of course led to the "how could you let the bills get so out of hand" speech. I gently reminded him how much I had been buying him cigs and beer lately, and having to pay "Dan" some money for him. And that those things take away from bills and food. I didn’t mention the shoes, though I maybe should of. I also told him how he said things like he’d pay me back, but always seemed to forget. I added that I wasn’t complaining or bitching, but that is jut what always seemed to happen. I don’t think I added the part where I had told him I was worried about bills and he spend $200 on things like pictures and sconces for the house.

So, while being scared for a little bit, I ended up with $20 from him. It wasn’t great, but it was better than I expected.

At another point, He was bitching about Dan, the guy who has been helping him with the house. He told me he was coming over and when that happened to hide in the back room with Sonny. Since Sonny was already back there that was easy enough. But Asshole was going to let him have it. He even got all chesty with me, showing me what he was going to do. It was scary.

Thankfully he didn’t do shit once he was here. They just sat for a while. Asshole dismissed him about a 10 mins into a movie. Thankfully, he was so tired at that point that he pretty much just passed out on the couch. That reminds me I gotta go on a pee search. He said the couch wasn’t wet, but his pants were. I’m thinking there is a huge pile somewhere.

He was grumpy this morning, but nothing happened. I’d set the recorder for the car ride, but it hadn’t been needed. he was relativity calm, only slightly bitching about my driving.

So while there were a couple of close calls and I was stressed out, both last night and this morning things worked out as best as I could hope. Which isn’t by anymeans what they should be, but better than what could have been with him around.


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