1/6/ 13 early morning

Having a bad morning. I had to take asshole tho works for query seems like the millionth day in a row. I said something about making hiss lunch today. He retorted with no one had ever bought me a car. I wish I could drive that think off a cliff. I know it will newer one of the biggest issues when I leave.

I wish I didn’t ever take it or him back. I hat him. I’m stinking a beer this morning. I can count the number of roomed I’ve drank first thing in the morning on one hand. It’s only been maybe three times ever.
But today I was on the verge of hysterics. I want him to die, that’s the only way I’ll ever be free of him. he who’ll find a way to put me in misery. I hater him and I hate myself for letting this happen to us. I’m almost to weak to fight.


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