Dec 2014 Timeline

This is a new things I’m doing. I’m starting a little late this month,  but what I want to do is a brief overview of each day. So not my emotional overview, just short simple facts of what happened that day.


Got up late and talked to Asshole. He didn’t piss me off that time, but did make me realize I have to figure out what is going on for xmas.

Hooked up with CeCe and went shopping. Got last min gifts for my son, Asshole and a few things to make some cookies for people.

Made cookies. Talked to a drunken Asshole and was annoyed.



I’ve lagged on writing, but I’m working on it. Sometimes that’s all I can ask of myself.

Anyway, I don’t remember much about the day. I think Sonny and I took the bus to a local drug store and got some additional last min presents. A few for him, and some for my nephew.

I had a lot of fun that night. Finally got the holiday spirit and did my Xmas eve thing. Stayed up way to late and wrapped gifts. Did the Santa thing. 🙂



Asshole came over early in the morning (which was the plan). He got to see Sonny do the Santa thing. It was really sweet to be honest. Then they played with toys for a few hours.

my sister pick us up. we went to my moms.

came home. Things were great till Asshole called drunk from the “park” where he’d been drinking with some of his friends. Totally pissed he came back over. Tried to be cool

Once he left it was more or less great again.

We had cheese burgers for dinner. but it was almost a choice, they were good

I got no presents except for Sonny being happy. And that was enough for me.



Sonny & I had yummy Chinese food for lunch.

He bought a toy while we were out. It was his Xmas gift from his great grandma.





Had good convo with J about something Asshole said a while back.


Sonny has been sick

I wake up sick. Do nothing all day.


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