Power of 3 – Day – 3 Days, 3 Weeks, 3 Month

There hasn’t been a lot to report recently.

I haven’t seen J in weeks. I may have seen with while out with Asshole last Thursday, but I did’t look at his face or the person driving the car to actually check.

A couple days before that I saw one of my ex’s. That was a wonderful experience. I think I might have written about that a bit. He wanted to see me last Friday or this weekend, but I kinda put a damper on that. Said I had plans. To be honest though I did.

When I talked him I said next week after Sonny was back in school, while he was in school. I think he might have broke up with his girlfriend too. I hope he didn’t. I said in a message to him that I didn’t want to mess up anything he had going on. Did I really have to spell it out?

How is it that I can have two ex’s that would both drop their girlfriends with a snap of my fingers, another ex that is more or less begging me to let him have an affair with me and a fourth guy who would most likely sleep with me if even half given the chance regardless of his sketchy relationship with his girlfriend. Yet J wants nothing to do with me? I sincerely don’t understand.

I dreamt about him 2 or 3 days ago. it was an awesome dream.

The day after that old hag he’s been running around with posting something hinting that something negative happened thursday night. Nothing specific was said. It was all very cryptic.

When I first saw it the statement could have gone either way. ( It was Wed night that I had the dream. ) One of my friends said that maybe she tried to put moves on him and he shot her down. It was a joke, but the next day she posted a reply to someones inquiry that made the joke pausable.

I miss him or at least the idea of him. I don’t even really know what I miss anymore.


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