A Memory

I think “The Power of 3” has run its course. I may try it again when the opportunity arises, but for this instalment it has come to an end. Analysis to follow in another post.

Don’t worry this being more or less a public online diary I’m sure you hear more about Asshole, J and the rest.

As for today. my friend just brought back a memory from the past. One of a dear friend and a complicated relationship. He left us way too soon, I was actually thinking about him yesterday too. Maybe another part of the eclipses. He is one of the only people I can’t contact from that 97 time frame. I realized he was younger than I am now when he died. I’d thought he was kinda old at the time, but I was around 23 and he was 11 yrs older than me when we met. That is the biggest difference in age of anyone I’ve ever dated.

The memory itself was of a time we were out to dinner with some other friends. Just as we were starting to order he had to leave. It was a well-lit spot, not one of those dark alcove type places, but when he walked out, it was as if the lights dimmed. To me, the room actually got darker when he left it. That was when I knew I was in trouble.

He was the first person, maybe the only person, that I ever saw myself growing old with. I could imagine him old, gray and wrinkly, still grabbing my ass as I walked by. Yeah, it was like that, him still laughing that laugh. Tragically ironic now that I think about it.


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