There are times when I would just add this info to the post I already did today, but hey, not gonna do it this time. Then again sometimes it works out that it actually gets posted 3 days later…

I had a really good day last Friday. I was happy and in a good mood. It made me miss J though. There is this other guy named Bob who is one of my ex’s. He’s shown up again. He’s the one who is making me realize the depth of my mistakes with J.

I am trying desperately to move on from J. G, Bob, one or two other guys I’m friends with. A couple of dating sites. I get momentary thrills, but it’s not really the same.

On mothers day eve I had a dream. It was in the morning almost when I was ready to get up.

It’s hard when your partner in crime and best friend gets the man she wants and you are sitting in the depths of relationship hell.


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