I’m usually more reflective around my birthday, but I think I did quite a bit of reflection lately, so this may be a yr I’m skipping some of it. I think this yr is more of a time for action.

I do miss J though. I’m not even sure if miss is exactly the right word. I’m wanting to make things right between us and I don’t know how. It bothers me. The issues between us are affecting getting over him. And me moving on. But I don’t know how to talk to him without bugging him. Idk if talking to him is going to bug him, or if he feels the same way I do. Will trying to talk to him make things worse or better?

Damn I wish he wasn’t so fine. That would make things so much easier. I’m not good with these situations. Especially when things are so close to home. I guess I work on other things and hope that this works itself out.

Other than that I’m trying to focus on forward movement.


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