Go Away G! Day 4?

Well this experiment went a little too well. Either I know that guy way to well or he is super easy to push away because it seems he has decided to bail on all efforts to pursue me.

It was the day before my birthday, maybe it was two days before, anyway G hadn’t gotten back to me after I asked him if he was house sitting or still living with his parents. The question was in reply to him saying he was working around their house taking care of some stuff for them.

It was a legit question since he’s never mentioned to me if he had moved out. And because he always seems to contact me when they are out of town…

I had been waiting around two days for a reply and thought screw it. I’m tired of playing. He can work for it or he can step the hell off. I sent a message saying that I didn’t know why he’d asked me what I was doing this week, but that I was kinda seeing someone. That it was really new and I didn’t know where it was going, but there it was. If he wanted to grab a coffee somewhere and catch up though that would be great 🙂

He didn’t respond. Would have showed some character if he had in some way. Some response, some clue as to why he showed up at all. But nothing, all it says is that you aren’t worth my time if you aren’t going to be easy. And it’s a well known fact I’m never easy, even with no strings.

I tend to evoke strong emotion in men. Love, hate, lust, disgust, joy, or pain. Obsession, repulsion, desire, fascination. Often in interesting combinations.

It’s not like he and I have no history. We have a lot of history. Years of history. Years of “dating” of being friends. He walked away, he never committed to me. He never put himself out there to have a relationship with me. He put himself out there to have a fling that lasted 3 or 4 yrs.

It was fine at the time, because that is what I wanted and when that wasn’t what I wanted anymore? I talked to him. I tried to make him understand. His response was to be distant and date others, so I walked away.

Now he shows up randomly and tries to hook up. Yeah not really what I’m looking for. Again when I try to talk to him, try to be friends, try to get to know him again after a few yrs of being absent from his life he is unresponsive. so yeah I walk away. Or push him away.


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